Are We a Fit Together?

The Right Fit is Important for Both of Us

These are the characteristics that make for the ideal inbound candidate.

If you answer "yes" to the majority of the questions below.  We should talk!

Do your customers make considered purchases? Do they need to do research and due diligence before they purchase?

This type of customer needs you to provide content that aids in their research and helps them prepare for the due diligence.  A packaged mechanical system is a highly considered purchase.  A replacement circulating pump is not such a purchase. A consulting engagement is a highly considered purchase. A single session with a consultant is not.

Do you need to generate more leads to grow your business to meet your goals?

If you know you’re not getting what you need, just working harder won’t change your results. Analyzing the current state compared to what’s possible is part of the discovery process and should always be at the front end of a commitment to inbound.

Do you want to improve your conversion rate and lower your cost per lead?

You most like will benefit from nurturing leads with marketing automation.  With a considered purchase you must guide your leads through the educational process.  They need the right information at the right time. They need to hear from you at regular intervals as you are not the only resource they are considering.

Do you want to improve the lead handoff from marketing to sales?

If you have been in business long enough you have heard sales say "the leads are no good" and the marketing people say "no one is following up on my leads".  Stopping this bleeding in an instant gain in revenue. This is a must-do activity. Make sure the handoff is done consistently and at the right moment.


Do you want to support your team to succeed in today's digital sales environment?

Sales today has shifted from even a few years ago.  By the time a prospect reaches out to a salesperson, they are already educated in the product.  Today's sales effort is different.  It must be agile, responsive and tailored to your prospect. It needs to be helpful vs. hard sell.

If it took a shift in the sales and marketing process to meet your goals would you be open to it?

Becoming an effective inbound marketing and sales organization is a major paradigm shift in how your business work. This transition requires leadership to reassure and encourage the team.

Are you willing to commit to a strategy that takes 6-12 months to bear fruit?

You don't "try on" inbound for a few months.  This is a shift in strategy and operations that requires a long-term view and a commitment for growth in the long-term.  We focus on working with leaders who understand that success is a product of strategy and tenacity. It takes time to close the gaps that are wasting leads and losing sales.

Are you looking for a collaborator to help grow or scale your business?

A strategic collaborator is not the same as a vendor  A vendor is not the right choice. Vendors deal in tactics and one-off projects. This is about strategy Tactics come later.  You are not buying a component, you are investing in a customized system that offers a significant return on investment.