P5Marketing Expertise

P5 is a Growth Agency. Our expertise Sales Driven Marketing is helping clients with seo marketing, lead generation, marketing automation, sales, and customer acquisition leveraging content marketing.

Customer acquisition requires the integration of multiple components to deliver ROI.
Our small but mighty team has expertise in each of the skills needed to future proof your online marketing and sales. Your business is unique and systems tailored to your goals are powerful.

Customer Acquisition Strategy and Process

Let's start with the end in mind. Sales driven marketing and leads. In order to craft the right system, tailored to your business needs, we must first understand:

  • Where you are now. How is your website performing, what is working, what is not working
  • Your company vision, mission, and unique value proposition - what makes you stand out
  • Who your customer(s) is with in-depth company profiles and buyer personas for laser targeting
  • Your overall business strategies, growth goals, and current tactics
  • Your content strategy
  • What content resources you have now if your content is properly targeted to your ideal customer or what content resources you need
  • Your timelines and resources to achieve your growth targets

Once we have a deep understanding of the points above we can formulate a winning strategic game plan and tie together the processes that are needed to achieve your goals, no matter how lofty. As customer acquisition is the final goal, there can be no gap between marketing and sales.

What to know how to build a successful content strategy? Visit our page and download our eBook on Cornerstone Strategy here.

Website Development

The sales driven marketing companies have at their foundation a website that offers all of the components needed to:

  • Attract visitors with:
    • Great technical and SEO marketing
    • Remarkable content that includes a well-designed blog
    • Baked in" SEO
    • The right social media channels and content
  • Convert traffic into leads. This requires:
    • Smart architecture and navigation that is designed for ease of use by visitors
    • Compelling reasons for people act while on your site with the use of targeted calls to action, forms and landing pages that convert visitors to leads
    • Automation cycles that turn leads into sales into customers.
  • Move people into the sales cycle with automated workflows that activate your sales funnel and acquire customers
  • Generate referral business by :
    • Delighting customers
    • Sending out surveys to enhance client engagement
    • High performance, third-party ratings, and testimonials.

This can be achieved by modifying your existing website or in some cases it necessitates building a new site. It's essential to update, revamp code and rebrand yourself from time to time to keep up with the competitors so this may be a golden opportunity. Whichever, we will keep your goals in mind, make sure you are highly visible to the search engines and at the same time, communicate your unique value proposition to visitors.

At p5, we use the website methodology Growth-Driven Design (GDD). Rather than create a static site that can produce what we call the "lazy slacker" effect, this type of design grows with you.  GDD is an ongoing, disciplined, process that continuously improves your site as you get more clarity on the needs of your visitors and prospects. It also allows you to evolve your site with fresh content as we discover keyword opportunities.  Landing pages, new offers, gated content gets added to allow people to "pay to play" by giving you their email.

You will get critical data, tied to your company goals, to know what changes will improve user experience and conversions rates

Inbound Marketing and Sales

You can hit it out of the park with inbound marketing, but it will only be successful if the bridge to sales is solid and flows through your entire sales funnel. For your business to really grow, it requires cooperation, coordination, and effort by marketing and sales. This is the definition of sales driven marketing.

To do that you need:

  • To move the lead through the marketing funnel to the "sales qualified" stage (no more sales saying marketing leads are no good!
  • To know the exact place in the funnel where the handoff happens
  • Your sales team to have the proper, training tools and clear processes to advance more of these qualified leads to closing

This is where we work with both marketing and sales so that each understands their roles, what interdependencies they have and how to achieve the companies growth goals as a team. The overarching tool that allows this marriage to happen is the Hubspot CRM. The marketing automation sequences that save time and promotes efficiency can be applied, drip emails, scripts and repeatable sequences, call recording that allows marketing and sales to convert more leads to sales.

It also makes it possible for the sales manager to know at any given time where leads are in the process, forecast sales and keep salespeople accountable for their performance.  HubSpot is the framework for sales driven marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Whether we do your social media, or you have someone in-house, we will ensure that you get the biggest bang for your social media marketing buck. We do this by beginning with an extensive review of your current social media. We will look at:

  • The strategy you are employing, including whether your social media marketing is tied to your overall marketing
  • The channels you are currently using with a view to matching or shifting your tactics to match your target buyers
  • Your goals for your social media
  • What stage your social media is in - there are three stages to ensure you are utilizing the correct strategy and tactics for the appropriate stage
  • Your company "voice". Has it been identified and if not, what should it be for continuity and replicability
  • If your social media efforts are "siloed" or a team effort.
  • Are your social media efforts "spaghetti" style or planned and focused
  • Your budget for paid promotion. Is it adequate or realistic to reach your goals? What are you doing with your budget
  • Are you committing sufficient resources (time, money, content, tools) to match your expectations for results
  • Low hanging fruit. Missed opportunities, things you can do in the short term for improved results

We then meet with your team to review the finding, make suggestions and do the outline for the Social Media Game Plan.

The magic formula for successful Social Media is time, resources, and quality content. Whether we execute your social media marketing for you or provide training for your team members, we will help you grow this part of your marketing into a vibrant, fun method to produce ROI.

To find our eBook, The 3-Stages of Social Media, click here. Once on our Social Media Magic page, click on the image.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the ongoing, organic marketing methodology that does four main things:

  1. It aligns your website content with what your potential customers are looking for
  2. It determines whether your website ranks above or below competitors
  3. It allows the search engines to determine what your site is about
  4. It allows search engines (especially Google) to determine if you are technically "worthy" of traffic

There are three main parts to great SEO.:

  1. The "glamorous" part of SEO marketing where your content is strategically produced around baskets of keywords. Each page has it's unique keywords and content that is ideally supported by subpages and blogs. By doing SEO marketing this way, you build a web of relevant content for your visitors, drawing more and more people to your site as the search engines cache your fresh, connected content. We call this strategy Cornerstone Content Strategy
  2. A not so glamorous, but critical component of great SEO is technical.  This is strictly for the search engines, whose rules and algorithms change as the size of the internet grows. Technical elements are code (unbroken), the right kind of links, errors and a plethora of other factors. Google, in particular, is forever looking for ways to favor or penalize websites with broken code, links, slow load times and that is just the tip of the list.
  3. Not glamorous at all, but again critical, is SEO compliance or Search Engine Compliance. Google's algorithm changes pose particular challenges to businesses.  You can quickly lose an alarming amount of organic traffic overnight by running afoul of one of their updates. It's easier to keep ahead of those changes than to recover, but you can.

SEO is both an art (remarkable content) and a science (technical and compliance). SEO requires ongoing checking for errors, changes in algorithms that present challenges and opportunities. The internet is a jungle of competitors and search engine obstacles but done well it is the single most results-producing marketing strategy you can implement and maintain.

We have prepared a special brief for small business SEO challenges.

At p5, our preferred method is to do what we call our proprietary "baked in" SEO. NOTE: We begin with an SEO audit described on the page.  Before beginning SEO work, we recommend developing a written SEO strategy document as discussed here. This process starts at the architecture stage and is carried out as website content is added. For more about our best practices methods, see our SEO page here.

SEO is foundational to content strategy, website design and an important part of our client's overall sales driven marketing strategy.

Paid Ads and Placement

There are several times when paid ads or media like Facebook, Google, LindedIn, Yelp, Twitter, YouTube, and channels like Outbrain, are smart for your business:

  • To jump-start, your online marketing efforts before your SEO kicks in
  • If you do Inbound Marketing right, you will start to see organic traffic growth. You may want to dial back some paid efforts or retarget those dollars for additional ads
  • For eCommerce sites, paid ads are a permanent and essential part of your marketing plan
  • To build your social media marketing base in order to accelerate brand awareness
  • As social channels dial down organic reach, you have to get smart about spending targeted dollars to reach ideal customers

We find clients most resistant to this type of marketing. Often understandably if they have spent a lot of dollars here with little return. When in fact doing the right kind of ads, at the right time, on the right platforms produces demonstrable ROI. Your business growth is our #1 priority and we what you to have every tool in your marketing toolbox.

Content Development

In our experience, content development is the single most challenging part of marketing our clients face.

Our content creation team has developed hundreds of pieces of content for a variety of industries. This includes:

  • Web page content
  • Blogs
  • eBooks
  • Linkedin pulse articles
  • Email
  • Webinars
  • Video
  • Press releases
  • Sales related
  • And more.

The common thread to all this content is that it is used to attract, convert and close prospects. To start creating content that attracts, converts and closes leads, give us a shout. We offer a no obligation, 30-minute chat to see if we can make your business grow with killer content.

Email and Marketing Automation

Email is still one of the best methods for reaching out to potential new customers and clients. Combine with automation in the form of sequences, you can nurture a lead from start to close. The HubSpot platform is an amazing tool and can be used with email drip marketing campaigns, offers, upsells, referral requests and loyalty programs.

Automation allows you to do repeatable. processes and campaigns that lead to sales. It also improves the effectiveness of your team. Some of our clients have alleviated the need to hire additional staff, saving them thousands of dollars and hours of training.

We know it makes marketing and salespeople more effective while growing sales. And it's not limited to nurturing leads. You will use it for social media, blogging, offers and more managers, the availability of data, analytics

For managers, the HubSpot platform and CRM is a dream come true. It provides:

  • Actionable data
  • Analytics for campaigns and opportunities
  • Research and customer mining capabilities. What to know more or find new leads?
  • Performance indicators like which salespeople are doing well or not
  • Centralize customer information. If you lose a salesperson or they go on vacation, anyone can pick up with the potential customer

And one more thing. Email campaigns, combined with your social media campaigns increase effectiveness. What to know more? Give us a call and see if we can design yours.

Bridging Marketing to Sales

It is critical that sales and marketing establish service level agreements (SLA) that detail each department's responsibility to the other.  We help clients establish business rules that ensure the hand-off from marketing to sales goes smoothly.  This is how sales driven marketing becomes a structure in your organization.

Too often companies have a disconnect between marketing and sales. What we call the "great chasm". Marketing works hard, diligently getting well-targeted leads into the CRM with enticing content and offers. The nurturing process begins. At one point in the sales funnel, it's time to convert the lead into a prospect. This is when the sales handoff should happen in a coordinated way. Like passing the batton. But it doesn't. The lead goes off the cliff into the great chasm. How do you know if this is happening in your business?

Here are a few indicators:

  • Sales say they did not know they had a lead
  • Salespeople say the leads are not good
  • The sales manager cannot pinpoint where the lead was lost
  • There is little or no actionable data
  • Sales are not increasing to meet your growth goals

At P4 we will help you bridge the chasm between marketing and sales with precision and results. Ready to chat about growing your sales by building the bridge between your sales and marketing teams?

Inbound Sales

Inbound selling is a modern skill set that embraces easy to use software tools that help salespeople be significantly more efficient and effective.  It addresses the new reality of buyers who are educated and informed before they contact a salesperson.

Inbound marketing works hard to drive traffic, generate targeted leads and nurture prospects for sales. But without the right tools, sales-qualified leads can fall into the chasm of no return.

Here is what we mean by Inbound Sales:

  • Sales and Marketing use inbound marketing to work as a team toward the same goal, Customer Acquisition
  • Protocols that define the exact moment that a sales-qualified lead is turned over to sales and becomes a prospect
  • Processes that are repeatable and are automated
  • Trackable, actionable sales data for win/lost sales
  • The right tools like call and email scripts, call recording, outreach sequences that leverage their communication and efficiency for converting more prospects into customers.

This is an updated method of selling for today's educated buyer that closes more prospects and generates significant ROI.