The Social Media Audit and Game Plan

Get your Social Media game on!

We Love The Social Media Puzzle


Social Media Marketing is a must today.

Are you getting the results and the ROI you want from yours?

You Build Relationships, We Build Profits.


What rich niches can you find with your social channels?

Do you have undiscovered social opportunities that could be mined for ROI?

What content do we need to support social sharing?

Do you have the right mix of content that will promote engagement?

How are you going to promote your social media?

What tactics could you employ? How do we get the biggest bang for our promotional budget?

What are the priorities and opportunities moving forward?

Million dollar question. The answers provide newfound direction for your social media.

What Is a Social Media Audit?


Ugh! That word audit. Not to worry, this audit is loaded with clarifying and actionable information - promise. Think of it more like the top of the box for a jigsaw puzzle. Once you see the whole picture, it a heck of a lot easier to put the pieces together.

A social media audit is a process of reviewing your current social media (SM) efforts with a view to:

  • Identifying the stage your social media is in on each channel (there are three stages)
  • What’s working
  • What is failing
  • What can be improved
  • What you need to do that you are not doing currently
  • What your primary channel(s) to focus promotional efforts
  • Bonus observations
  • Recommended action steps based on a clear strategy
  • Updates on changes to social and search engines algorithms

Who Needs the Social Media Audit?


Really any business can benefit from the audit. We always find ways to improve your social media efforts and budget. Remember, the social channels are always evolving, making algorithm changes and adding new features. Facebook, for example, is rolling out changes to their algorithm that is having a big impact on business pages.

But most our clients can be described in one word - frustrated with their social media marketing and the lack of results.

Another common reason businesses do the audit is their social media efforts are not as effective as they once were. It's hard to know how to pivot if you don't know what shift you need to make. This is a fresh set of eyes and a fresh strategy makes a big difference.

It might not seem like the time, but doing this audit when your social media is in the early stages or if you've given up altogether, gives you a fresh start, a new understanding of how social media works best and an effective plan to take action.

Why is This Audit Important to Your Business?

rabbit in hat

Whether businesses know it or not, consumers are now looking for over 25% of all content in web searches by specific brand names.  Over 60% of searchers look at a company's Facebook page before contacting them. Consumers trust social media more than advertising or news articles about the company or brand.

Research shows that social “electronic word-of-mouth” is seen as reliable by consumers. It significantly affects a firm’s perceived value and hence the likelihood of gaining a new customer.


How is the Social Media Audit Conducted and How Long Does It Take?


Easy peezy! We start with a form that gives us all the info about your social channels and goals for your social media marketing.

Then we interview with the business owner and often members of their team.

We take it from there, do loads of investigation, learn more about you and your competitors and then distill down the crucial data and information to present to you and your team.

Typically, the P5 Social Media Audit completed within five business days for up to four channels. If your company's audit is more extensive or you have special requests, then it could take a few days longer.

What Can We Expect When Our Social Media Audit is Complete?


The boring answer is a report. The exciting answer is you will get insights, see new opportunities, learn competitor’s secrets and have an action plan that you or your staff can execute.

Clients also report taking a sigh of relief when they know what to expect from their social media and how to make it generate value.

We wrap up the audit with a team session so that everyone knows the results and what the action steps are.

How Much Does the Social Media Audit with Game Plan Cost


We want this to be a cost-effective way to ramp up your social media results so we are not going to rush.

  1. The audit with game plan for up to two channels is $425
  2. The audit with game plan for three to four channels is $575
  3. The audit for five or more channels is quoted on a case by case basis

What Do I do Next?


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No pressure, no selling, just us finding out if we can help. If it makes sense, party on!

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