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There is a reason we call our social media offering magic! Many businesses use the "throw spaghetti at the wall" approach knowingly or unknowingly because social media seems easy, mystifying, or unstructured.  At best, in most cases, Social Media Marketing (SMM) is viewed as if SEO and SMM as separate parts of their marketing. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is none of the above!
At P5 Marketing, we believe that Search Engine Optimization (SEO Marketing), and Social Media Marketing are inextricably linked. In fact, in our experience, both SEO and SMM are far more effective when done in coordination with each other and with SMM. Our clients have benefited from this insight by:
  • Seeing more web visibility
  • More inquiries
  • More leads and sales
Visibility happens more quickly than you ever imagined when we take the time to map strategy, goals, tactics, and metrics across all digital marketing efforts. The internet is the most competitive business landscape today. Mastering what works for search engines AND prospects is not just a good idea but essential for business growth. What do you imagine will happen if your competitors master this and you do not?
The number one element we find missing for most of our clients in their marketing is a strategy. A strategy is the WHY. Think of it as "Ready, Aim, Fire!." Without a clearly defined strategy, and plan you jump directly to Tactics. Think of that as "Ready, Fire!" Can you see how it would rarely be useful to fire without aiming?  It's impossible to hit your targets when you fire randomly.
By formulating a combined strategy for Social Media, Cornerstone Content Strategy, and SEO Marketing, we make magic for your business. We don't think of SEO and SMM as two different concepts; we combine them and call it Search Marketing.
At P5 Marketing, we do SMM strategy, consulting, coaching, and execution. Your social media efforts can be more productive! The staff member who is responsible for your SM success will hit it out of the park with our coaching on how to combine SMM with SEO*.
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*Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Google ads, Outbrain, can be used as part of your short term marketing goals and continue to support your efforts as your organic traffic from SEO and organic and paid SMM grows

The Three Stages of Social Media - Dating, Engagement and Commitment